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Fight Financial Crime with AI

Finding the right solution to fit your organization’s unique risk profile is critical in combating financial crime. 官方指定23年九州娱乐场苹果下载(独一无二 2023全新爆料) identifies deceitful activity in real-time, using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and rules-based identification to detect threats while learning from patterns, behaviors and decisions to improve accuracy and reduce false positives.

Optimize Fraud Detection

WatchDOG Fraud identifies suspicious activity by monitoring customer patterns and adjusting as their behaviors change, giving you a holistic understanding of their risk profile while detecting and improving decisions with higher accuracy.

Profile and predict fraudulent threats with:

  • Rules-based alerting
  • Machine learning and AI optimization
  • Real-time monitoring and prevention

Standard red flag rules, including:

  • Geography-based rules
  • Personal fraud scenarios, such as lost or stolen cards, identity theft or imposter scams
  • Anomaly detection, which identifies abnormal behavior to predict and prevent new threats
  • Unified case management
  • Multi-tenant hierarchical structure
  • Configurable rule editor

Want to learn more about how WatchDOG Fraud helps to prevent financial crime? Reach out to our team of Fintexperts® for more information.

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